Carter's New Release - The "Only"

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Carter's New Release - The "Only"

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:55 pm


The latest Carter catalog has just arrived in my mailbox 3 days ago. Boy, was i thrilled when Carter unveiled their latest technology in back tension releases. The release, named the "Only" features Carter's newest invention, the Variable Crescent Technology (V.C.T for short). As a result, the most smoothest and fastest hinge release in the world. You, as the shooter will have the option of adjusting the head angle up to 35 degrees as well as completely controlling the firing speed.
This unique adjustment is "Only" obtainable because of the revolutionary new V.C.T. Unlike traditional hinge releases the speed of the "Only" is not completely controlled by the hinge position because of the V.C.T. (traditional hinge release firing speed is controlled by the hinge position on the half moon) The "Only" comes with a series of V.C.T Crescent cams (3 to be exact) that range from 0-5 degree of radius curvature (angle), which takes the place of the half moon.
The "magic" in it (the cams), is that the different V.C.T. degree angle cams will give you total customization of your release head angle, as well as, the firing speed. The "Only" has a magnetic head return to make it self loading and is designed to shoot from a string D-loop. The "Only" is available with the option of a 2, 3 or 4 finger handle in either a standard or mini size. The adjustment options are endless, proving that it really is the ONLY hinge style release you will ever need.


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