FiberBow Announces It's Latest Riser!

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FiberBow Announces It's Latest Riser!

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:03 pm


My contact at FiberBow co. has informed me late yesterday, that their new riser will be unveiled soon. It's the new FiberBow 8.99, developed after a lot of research, due to the overwhelming success of the FiberBow 5.99, among the barebow archers. Here is the message containing detail on the FiberBow 8.99:

Using FiberBow 5.99 ’s hollow structure, we created FiberBow 8.99 adding some mass in the lower part of the riser. This way we lowered the centre of gravity and increased its uprightness.

This has been suggested and supported by barebow athletes, whose centre of gravity must the lowest possible compared to the pivot point, without adding external weights.
After our athletes’ careful tests, we found out that FiberBow 8.99 is perfect for all those people who, using the recurve bow, want to “feel” it quite heavy. But, at the same time, it is perfect for those who want to feel the amazing carbon fibre performances.

To sum up:
FiberBow 5.99 is ideal for all those athletes who want to customize the weight’s distribution, keeping their equipment as light as possible.
FiberBow 8.99 will be dedicated to all those athletes who prefer outstanding masses, and less external weights.

Where and when?
FiberBow 8.99 will be presented, together with FiberBow 5.99 and the complete S.3 Stabilizer (T.2, Extender and V-Bar) during the Italian Indoor Championship, at the “Arco & Frecce Super Store” stand.
Everyone’s invited!

But as soon I will renew the FB web site with all necessary informations.

Thank you for your friendship.

Paolo Sabbioni and Giuseppe Reverzani
(FiberBow Inventors)

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Re: FiberBow Announces It's Latest Riser!

Post  Harrison Ooi on Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:59 pm

This is old news......

Giuseppe told me two days ago...

Harrison Ooi

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