Sure-Loc's New Sight

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Sure-Loc's New Sight

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:54 pm


Sure-Loc has recently produced a new sight for their line of 2009. It is dubbed the "Phoenix", which i think is named as such to describe the company's come-back, from the depart of founder, Steve Gibbs.
Anyways, Sure-Loc introduces it's fast/rapid travel system for this sight. Adjustments are a breeze with this system, while still maintaining their precise, pin-point accuracy. With the absence of it's popular Titanium guide rod, the sight would be slightly lighter, than usual.
However, the sight is only produced in the 400 model (short), meaning that it would be only suitable for indoor shoots. Sure-Loc has not produced custom knobs and decals for it yet, as it had for the other sights. (Sure-Loc had produced a pink decal set for 2009)
I hope to see this sight in Malaysia soon, and hope that the reviews are good.

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